Topázio - brand shop

Topázio brand shop

Topázio brand shop
Topázio cutleries and table accessories

Established in 1874

in Porto, Topázio has been for many years one of the leading European manufacturers in Silver and Silver Plated products, covering the more exigent needs in Interior Decorations and Arts de la Table.
Topázio has a heritage of know-how which enables the company to relate to different cultures and designs, therefore surprising and exceeding clients’ expectations all around the world. The symbolic timeless characteristic of its creations appeals in a transversal way to those whom the art is significant, to whom the luxury is part of their lives.
The production by Topázio of Silver Cutlery began some decades ago. It remains a key element of production thanks to the investment in human capacities and skills, as well as in new materials. Topázio also keep in mind how important the transmission between generations is. Despite the creation of new designs, we continue to nurture the older patterns, and consider them a value you keep forever.

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